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Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Contagious

In case you missed the big news, Germany just won the World Cup. This is huge news around here.

(Let me point out that of the 303 blog posts I’ve done prior to this one, perhaps only one or two referenced sports. I like sports a little bit but creative pastimes outweigh my interest in sports. So let's review: more than 300 posts have not focused on sports. Until today.)

If you live with someone whose blood is colored black, red and gold, you’ve been watching a lot of World Cup coverage over the last 32 days. If you live with someone who played soccer and loves watching soccer and whose family comes from Germany, you’ve had World Cup Fever, just by proximity.

Even if you don’t know the difference between offsides and an own goal, you’ll catch this contagious fever. It’s hard not to, when there’s this much electricity crackling in the air at home. Our soccer fan has been on pins and needles for days, and is elated about today’s victory over Argentina. I love seeing his happiness.

Soccer fans understand the magnitude of this championship. Before I met our soccer fan, I didn’t even know what the World Cup was. I didn’t know Messi from Mr. Rogers. That has changed. I know that on game days, the Bayern-Munich flag will be hung at the front of the house. I know how much this sport means to our soccer fan. I don’t live and breathe soccer, as some people do. But I’m so happy for the Germans and the loyal fans who have watched and cheered and waited and hoped, year after year, for a day like today. From us to you: Glückwünsche! (Congratulations!)


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  1. Thanks so much, Sar. What a wonderful piece. The Vuvuzela will be quiet . . . for another month.