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Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Tree

Easter is obviously about a lot more than plastic eggs. But this lady loves to decorate the tree out front for whichever holiday is coming, and on Saturday I found myself in a familiar position: armed with hot glue gun, decorations and happily avoiding the housework I’d told myself must be done over the weekend.
Decorating is fun, period. But spring colors make the effect even more cheerful. How can you not be in a good mood when walking past a tree wrapped in pink and yellow crepe paper, and decorated with 30+ eggs in bright shades of turquoise, pink, purple and yellow? I rest my case.
In the garage I found the grocery bag holding lots of plastic eggs. Some had two halves stuck together to form a whole egg, and others were half eggs. Once I’d separated the wholes from the halves, I was left with quite a large collection of halves. Where could the other halves be? I almost checked the dryer to see if the half eggs were hanging out with missing socks. (Missing egg halves and missing socks are some of the greatest mysteries on earth.)
So what to do with a whole bunch of egg halves? Make something, of course.

I think the effect is cute. I hot glued a string through the hole on the end of each half and it looks like one of those rain chains people have near their gutters. Here in San Diego those things are purely decorative since we only get three drops of rain each year. Voila!

Decorations aside, spring is in full swing here. Baby birds are squawking loudly from their nests. Buds and flowers are everywhere. Our grape vine came to life overnight and has dozens of bright green leaves fanning out from the vine.

Happy Easter, y’all. Whatever or however you celebrate this spring, enjoy this amazing season!

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