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Friday, March 20, 2015

What’s Growing? The Garden is Waking Up.

It’s the first day of Spring, y’all. (I love saying “y’all.” I think I’m secretly a Southerner.)

Here in Southern California there have been buds on trees for weeks. Flowers have begun blooming and fresh leaves are popping out everywhere. Spring rocks!
Here are a few photos I’ve taken in the last week or two. I love how nature packages new leaves. They arrive tightly rolled, like this leaf. Only when they’re truly ready do they open up. They grow and then it’s then it’s someone else’s turn to open up.

The colors in our home garden have been turned up a notch. There are tiny new blossoms everywhere and it’s an amazing sight: all of nature’s players have arrived to collaborate for a bright and beautiful show.


Thanks for showing up, spring. We’re excited to see you!

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