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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #2: Give me a "P!"

Oh, I’ve been having such a fun Wacky Wednesday today...

I’ve been in disguise all day, wearing my Halloween costume from four years ago.

I’ve visited all the places I go in a typical day, plus a few extra places. At my usual haunts my friends recognized me and got a good laugh from my costume. When I went somewhere where I didn’t know people, they thought I was the real Flo! In a parking lot a woman said, “Aren’t you in that commercial?” I just smiled and winked. Two teenaged girls asked to take photos with me earlier today (I obliged) and some guys asked for a photo as I walked to get my youngest from school. One said, “My wife is not going to believe this!” I didn’t want to ruin their fun so I didn’t tell them that I’m not the real Flo. (Hey, if they think the real Flo is walking around in the suburbs of San Diego, who am I to ruin their fun?!) I was kind of surprised that people thought I was really Flo—my hair is at least 3-4” shorter than hers. But we have similar coloring and builds and I did have the costume and makeup on, which helps the effect. Hubby asked why I was channeling Flo today. (A reasonable question, I suppose, given that it’s not Halloween. But on the other hand, he should know me well enough by now—do I ever need a reason to wear a costume?) My motivation was bringing some laughs to my community. I adore making people laugh. It makes them happy and it makes me happy. Win-win.

It’s been a full day, and it’s not over yet.

Flo started her day off helping the kids at the elementary school make deposits to their checking accounts. It’s so cute--sometimes they bring in a few dollars—entirely in coins—so I make sets of five pennies and try to concentrate as I count.

Next, Flo visited the community garden and made sure the plants were hydrated.

Flo needs her strength and energy so she hit the gym after the garden.

Today was Flo’s monthly (ish) Lunch ‘n Laugh with Roxie. We had lotsa laughs. (This is where the teen-aged girls spotted us in the parking lot and wanted photos.)

Flo also visited the local fire department—three cheers for the hard-working men and women who keep our community safe! I gave them all a high five...

Soon it’ll be time for the most glamorous time of Flo’s day: helping with homework, making dinner, doing dishes, breaking up the kids’ arguments, cleaning up messes and hopefully not losing her temper.

And then I’ll stagger toward my bed (white with blue accents, just like Flo’s entire life is, right?) and dream up some new variety of fun for next Wacky Wednesday. Stay tuned…


  1. Somehow we missed Flo despite her being at both the garden and across the street at the fire station!

  2. Wow, this is amazing. You have such a fun-loving spirit.!I admire your ability to spread so much joy--and in such a wacky fashion.

  3. Thanks, ladies! You never know--there may be future Flo sightings and if you're extra nice (!) I may give you a heads up beforehand. Kim, thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to do: share some laughs and fun...

  4. Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Sooo awesome! Way to go, Flo!

  5. The best blog ever you just made my entire week!!

  6. The best blog ever you just made my entire week!!