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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016: Lucy Van Pelt and all the Advice you can Take!

Pass the peanuts. Charles M. Schulz’ comic The Peanuts, that is.


Today I am dressed as Lucy, the famous know-it-all, and her Psychiatric Help booth.

Side note: I don’t like how bossy Lucy is such a bully. My dressing as Lucy doesn’t condone meanness. But as far as funny, iconic Halloween costumes go—this one had real appeal. And so I set to work.

For Lucy’s booth I dug out a huge cardboard box I’d saved. It was from the water heater we had to replace a while back. Note: one of the only benefits of having to buy a new water heater is that the giant box it comes in is big enough to make a booth to wear at Halloween. Getting hot water again is nice, too, of course. Having the old water heater flood the garage? Not so nice. But back to costumes.

As I do for many of my costumes, I hit the thrift store for a dress. Finding a dress similar to what Lucy wore was a bit of a challenge. Thrift stores offer a charmingly bizarre combination of ‘80s power suits, sparkly club wear and vintage mumus. Finding an adult-sized solid-colored, puffed-sleeve dress a child would have worn in the 60s was a tall order.

But I found a long red dress, which I bought, brought home, and promptly cut up. I shortened the dress, and made a Peter Pan color from scraps from my stash. Next I created some puffed sleeves from the excess red material and put some lace on the front and a zipper in the back. Didn’t have time to fashion Saddle shoes, but hey, I’m only human.

The dress--before its makeover....
Rounding out the effect is my pal, Charlie Brown (aka Blockhead). As Lucy, I’m bestowing my sage advice upon him because I am, after all, two weeks older than he is, which means I know everything. Obviously.

Please note that I had to update my rate from five cents to five dollars.

Inflation, baby.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Adorable costume-Such a lovely way to celebrate Halloween without
    looking gruesome. Many thanks for the tips re:the thrift store.

    1. Hi Leni! Thanks so much. I do adore thrift stores, but you have to be patient as you sort through the goods. Happy Halloween!

  2. Hahaha! So cute, and I love the inflation bit. 😁🎃

    1. Thanks, Maia! I figured the grown-ups would like that part.

  3. This was such a great costume and nothing is better than seeing it in person! And I am even more impressed now learning how you altered the dress. It looked fantastic!

    1. Adri, thanks, friend! So happy you liked it. By the way, do you need a large cardboard stand?!?! Clutter situation here is...growing.