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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wacky Wednesday #68—Caution Tape

That’s the message in what I’m wearing today: caution tape.

Different colors of barricade tape indicate different hazards. Yellow tape is used to caution against trip hazards and low hanging objects. This is delightfully ironic as I trip over my own shadow and I am a hazard to my own health! I’m quite accident-prone, constantly banging into things. Could this date back to my first year, when I learned to walk after crawling only briefly? It’s believed that babies who crawl longer develop better spatial awareness, and I am lacking in that department. Or could it be that I am thinking of so many ideas at once and don’t think to look up or down? Either way, I’d do better if the whole world were padded and draped in caution tape.

I have no idea how this idea planted itself in my brain but I jotted it down months ago and ever since then I’ve been collecting caution tape from trees and parks and places where caution tape was used. I don’t take it when it’s still blocking off areas, only when it’s clearly been left behind. You can buy a giant roll of this tape but that doesn’t interest me. I like collecting found objects, and recycling things headed to the dump. Or making my own.

Here’s the cost breakdown on today’s costume:

Caution tape found in public spaces                                       $      0

Yellow plastic tape (on clearance at the 99 cent store)      $   .40

Black clothing worn under the tape (already had)               $      0

Hot glue sticks                                                                             $   .20

Pipe cleaners for hat                                                                  $   .20

Sharpie                                                                                         $ 1.00
Total                                                                                             $ 1.80

I don’t know whether my message of caution is intended for others, or as a reminder to myself, or is just a fun effect with lots of contrast and surprise factor. Maybe all of the above. A win-win-win.

It took me hours to decorate this parking lot to match my outfit, but it was worth it....


  1. Oh my, this should be my uniform.

    1. Hi Jill--it's available! Let me know when you need it...

  2. In this CRAZY world right, now, we all need to remember the word CAUTION, whether it be concerning Presidential elections, or just crossing the street. Thank you, Sarah, for reminding us of this!!! Love, Aunt Eileen

    1. HI Auntie, thanks! Yep, there are a lot of interpretations to this one. But for me, it's all about being funny. Glad you liked it.

  3. So simple. It's great! That last picture is a riot!

    1. Thanks, Adri! Hey, I like to use the props that the universe gives me...