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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guess What's Growing?

It’s only been three days since Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter. So I hope this won’t be taken as bragging, but I have to share exciting news. I have two photos that are indisputable proof that spring is on its way in San Diego.

I wasn’t scrutinizing our trees, pressuring them to signal spring, I swear. I’ve been too busy to count the days until the official beginning of spring. But I happened to glance up at our peach tree today and I saw something. Could it be? Nah. Too early. But I looked again later and saw it a second time. It was a tiny, brave bud, a scout testing possible spring growing conditions. It’s early February, and it’s been cold, so this bud truly surprised me. Perhaps I should study our apricot tree as well, I thought. I needed further evidence before declaring that spring is coming. The peach and apricot trees both had numerous buds, and--no way!—blossoms, too.

I ran for the camera because I love to capture these unexpected moments.

You’ve seen the signs yourself now. It’s true: spring is on its way! I’m excited.

But I’ll tone it down a little if I talk to people living outside this area. A lot of America is surrounded by tons of snow and I wouldn’t want to rub it in…

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