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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Egg

Sometimes I like doing things my own way. Sometimes I have a unique approach—without even intending to. Today, for instance.

This morning I glanced at our front tree. I see it multiple times a day. How many hundreds—thousands--of times have I looked at it, this year alone? But today I did a double take. There was something different about the tree. Why was there a plastic Easter egg hanging near the Christmas lights?


Hubby hung the lights a week ago, so I could ask him. But he decorates for Christmas and I decorated the tree for Easter. Which means that there has been one rebellious Easter egg hanging in the tree for the last eight months. I’ll admit I’ve been a little distracted. Three kids. Tons happening. And the egg is light blue, which somewhat camouflages into the green leaves. But still. Eight months? This is a new one on me. I love to make others laugh, but today the joke was on me…

I’m considering several courses of action.

1)      Remove the egg and return it to the box of other eggs, where it will get an enthusiastic welcome home from its colorful friends.

2)      Decorate the egg in Christmas colors so that it is the most versatile Easter egg in history.

3)      Leave it there, as it is, for another four months, until next Easter and pat myself on the back for being an early planner.

Which option gets your vote?


  1. I'm just laughing that you hide eggs by hanging them in strings (or maybe it was a decoration?) That said I like option 2 and 3--together. Then you'll have a funny memory all the time.

    1. No, we hide eggs the regular way but as decorations I hang 20+ eggs from the tree. It's really colorful and fun.

  2. I left it there, as I didn't want to violate its civil rights