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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wacky Wednesday # 38: Calendar Girl

Ahhhh, a brand new year will be upon us in a matter of hours. Some people have been making resolutions. Others have been making reservations for New Year’s Eve. Me, I’ve been cutting up this year’s calendar. I’m literally wearing out the last moments of 2015.

Besides cutting up my calendar, I’ve also practiced writing “2016” a little bit. (This happened while I was writing my January 2016 To Do list. Also known as "Stuff I didn’t get to in December." The December To Do list was also known as "Stuff I didn’t get to during the first eleven months of the year.")

At one point my brain got a little confused and I wrote “2006.” Clearly my hand and my brain were not in sync and one of them was confused about which decade it is. (Oh well. I’ll figure that out next week. Next year. Whatever.)

Time is such an interesting notion, isn’t it? Like most people older than eighteen, I feel like time races along at breakneck speed and I never have enough of it. In some ways, a year sounds so long, but it passes quickly. Holding my 2015 calendar in my hands, flipping through the pages, month after month, it really strikes me how long a year is, how full it is. I tend to write EVERYTHING on my calendar so that I don’t have to remember anything (except reading my calendar each day to see which surprise are coming in the next week). Some days I have so much scheduled that I have to extend the borders of the squares on my calendar into surrounding boxes. I have three kids. The weeks tend to be full!

For many people the new year brings a symbolic fresh start along with a blank calendar and trying to remember to write the date correctly. Is a fresh start exciting? Or does January bring pressure to make a resolution? Is it a helpful reminder to leave the past in the past and to focus on the future?

Sometimes I examine the past more than I probably should. I lament things from the past that I can’t change, which I know is a waste of time but I’m human and we each have our quirks. Maybe cutting up my calendar (for the first time ever) can give me a clean break from the past. Literally cutting through the past year’s calendar could be the symbolic act I need to keep my focus on now.

How about you, my loyal little group of readers? Do you make resolutions? Are you wearing your calendar as clothing today?! Either way, happy new year.
2016, it’s a pleasure to meet you…


  1. Happy New Year's! What cute photos!

  2. A year at a glance! Love it! Happy New Year!

  3. A great way to say goodbye to 2015, recycle, and welcome in the new year. Happy 2016 to you!

  4. Thank you, my friend! If only reusing my calendar solved the issue of the other 99.99999999 % of the clutter issue around here...

  5. What a cute apron idea! You have such creativity and fun, Sarah!