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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #34: Candy Cane

Have we met? My name is Ms. Candy Cane. My name and my costume match. Would you like to know how my outfit came to be? A few months back I decided that my December costumes would be wintery/Christmasy. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but I hope that the festive feel of my costumes will appeal to one and all (or most). My preparations for this week’s costume started at the thrift store, where I scored a red and white striped shirt. Next stop: fabric store, where I bought half a yard of striped fabric for my skirt.

First curve ball: at home, a young artist cut a sizeable piece out of my half yard of fabric. She had a great art idea, and who am I to stop a creative snowball as it grows in size and momentum?

I could have insisted on having the piece back but instead, I assured myself that I could still use the remaining fabric and it all would work out. Even if I had to make the skirt a little different from how I’d envisioned it, all would be okay. Lots of times I piece together something from several different fabrics and often times it turns out more interesting than if I’d had a larger amount of just one fabric.

Second curve ball: I discovered that another creative youngster who lives here in our artists’ colony drew on my skirt fabric. Solution? A well-placed pocket covering the drawing.

(Both little artists here at home are very talented, and I often frame their art rather than covering it in pockets. But sometimes I like to stick to one theme, in this case candy canes, rather than mix and match candy canes with hieroglyphics. Although that could be a fun twist.)

I’m sharing these two curve ball stories because I want to encourage others to find a way to keep going with a project even if something unexpected has popped up along the way. See if you can find a way to work with the unexpected rather than become derailed by it. Of course, I’m not sure if I should dispense advice on this matter as I have many, many unfinished projects here. I’m human. Very.

Back to Ms. Candy Cane and her stripes-on-stripes costume. Running with a theme like candy canes is so much fun. Candy canes need no translation. They are recognizable to people of many different walks of life, diverse backgrounds and various ages. I love the idea of a costume that most people would recognize and enjoy. Because candy canes are available only this time of year, they instantly set a Christmasy tone. Their look hasn’t changed throughout the years, so they are a familiar symbol whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas or your 100th Christmas.    


I think my hat’s shadow is really fun. My shadow looked like a walking, talking weather vane.
Sometimes I share what I spent to bring a costume to life. I always try to get a lot of bang for my buck and to create something memorable without breaking the bank.
Shirt (thrifted)                                                          $2

Fabric for skirt                                                          $3

Zipper (on sale)                                                        $1

Felt, red and white                                                  $2

Candy cane ornaments on hat                              $1

Beads for necklace (gift from neighbor)              $0

Buttons for necklace (already had)                      $0


Total spent                                                                $9

Thanks for tuning in, folks. See you next week with more seasonal costumes!


  1. Oh, you make my day. The shadow pic kills me. Merry Christmas!! See you soon!

  2. I just adore that you said "yes, and" to your bumps in the road. Great job, Mama!!

  3. Thanks, Ashley! Many times I've freaked out over unexpected things but slowly I'm learning to work with them. Plan B is now a familiar concept!