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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Stuff: Fun Mailbox

Oh, I love turning a corner and discovering something unexpected. I also love personal, creative touches inside or outside people’s homes. So imagine my delight when I happened upon this wonderful mailbox outside someone’s house.

It reminds me of the dollhouse I played with as a child. I spent many hours sitting in front of it, rearranging the rooms, lost in my own world. A small house is irresistible to me, whether it’s a bird house, doll house, or play house. This mail box house hits it out of the park for me. The neighborhood where I discovered it is an older one where you find Victorians houses and other homes with charm, character and history. So the mailbox references the style of the neighborhood. I love the playfulness of it, too. Most mailboxes (including mine) are quite utilitarian. They do the job but aren’t memorable. This one shows that the owners have a lighthearted side. Personal touches like this not only bring the homeowners a little joy, but they also give passersby a happy surprise.

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