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Monday, August 19, 2013

Life's A Laugh

Yesterday while in a grocery store I indulged in a few minutes of greeting card “window shopping.” I rarely buy them but it's fun to check them out. The funny ones are my favorite. One card in particular made me laugh, and I thought it was blog-worthy.


Naughty Sarah didn’t take a photo of the back of the card, so I can’t give credit to its creator. But I want to practice good blogging etiquette so the next time I’m in that store I’ll get the artist’s name and race back here and update this post.

Ahhh, the man/woman differences jokes. No shortage of those. Sometimes I refuse to make stereotypes about the genders because stereotypes don’t allow for true understanding. They’re the equivalent of a standardized test with only “yes” and “no” bubbles to fill in. I think life is more like an essay question. It requires thought and explanation. It can’t be boiled down to two answers.

But sometimes I just go with it and laugh at cards like this. After all, Hubby and I have moments where we really think we may be from different planets. In moments like that there is no reasoning with the visitor from another planet. You have to move forward. Cards that make us laugh lessen the tension that is a part of life when you’re living with a person who may be from another planet. If nothing else, laughing together brings us closer.

This card made me laugh, and I hope it does the same for you. A daily dose of laughter is vital. It’s as important as a daily dose of chocolate (and I do not brush off the importance of chocolate. It’s up there with oxygen and water.) So laugh. If you’re having a terrible day, go to YouTube and spend a few minutes listening to jokes. Instant boost.

 As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul. – A Jewish Proverb


1 comment:

  1. Dear Wifey,

    The problem isn't that the card unfairly perpetuates sexist stereotypes, it's that the couple is straddling a two-lane roadway with a potential speed limit of 55 MPH. With only a lap belt and no shoulder harness, the likelihood of survival in a head-on collision at a combined speed of 110 MPH is so low that these two will probably get a direct answer from the big man upstairs in perhaps just a minute or two.



    ps: It's all my fault that I come from a different planet