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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Art In Progress

Been in my home art studio a lot lately, working on several art projects and listening to Weird Al. Most of these projects are in my new favorite form: wearable art. So many art ideas. So little time. I won’t tell you much about what I’m working on because the element of surprise is so fun for me. The big reveal works best if you haven’t seen a lot of the earlier stages.
There are dozens of tiny scraps of fabric on my art studio floor right now. But I’ve decided to embrace the fact that sometimes I make a big mess. For me, slowing down to clean up as I go would completely extinguish the momentum of creation and the joy it brings me. So I’m going to be messy. I won’t even hide the evidence. (Mess can get out of hand, yes. And not all places should be messy. You don’t want an operating room to be messy. But a messy art studio is a sign that the artist is inspired! Turning ideas into art! Busy! Happy! Productive!)
I think I’ll be uncharacteristically brief today and leave it at that. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

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