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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #5: Polly the Parrot is Back!

It’s Wacky Wednesday once again, and rather than whip up a costume from scratch (which I love doing, but it takes some time), I decided to bring back a costume from a few years ago. It's a costume I created for Halloween and after all the hours I spent with my hot glue gun to make it, this costume deserves another day out in the sun. This is Polly the Parrot, y’all. She’s colorful, she’s squawky, she’s loud and loves to bring some fun wherever she goes.

She did the weekly banking with the school kiddos this morning. She has no fingers but can count all the way to 1,000 on her feathers.

Polly likes to roller skate, because even parrots need a break from flying once in a while. A bird really shouldn’t have upper body strength only, so Polly works her legs out, too.


All that roller skating builds up an appetite. Does Polly want a cracker? Squawk! (Yes!)

Have a wacky, wonderful Wednesday, everybody!


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