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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #6: Feathering the Nest

Check out the surprise in our apricot tree.

There are apricots on our tree. Oh, and a nest!

The nest has two darling eggs in it. But wait, there’s something unusual about this nest.
It's a hat!

Yep, it’s Wacky Wednesday, folks, and that means I’m bringing the silly fun to a computer screen near you. Yesterday I busted out the hot glue gun, some scraps of felt, and began gathering sticks outside. (I’m environmental—I’m reusing old sticks. And plastic Easter eggs.) I’m not sure how I got the idea for a wearable nest. But the idea popped into my mind and after an hour with the hot glue gun, the nest popped onto my head.

I’ve worn my nest hat for several hours today and people seemed to get a kick out of it. I wore my hat to the gym, and it stayed on. To ensure nest balance I made sure my posture was good, so there’s actually a benefit to wearing a nest. Who knew?! At the supermarket a man asked to take a photo of my hat. Of course, I said yes. At the checkout, the checkers loved it. I don’t think they get many weird hats coming through the line, so something unexpected gives them a laugh. The kids at school were surprised and intrigued. But the best reaction came from my friend’s daughter Julia, a first-grader. Julia spotted me at pick up. She whispered to her mom, who turned around, spotted my hat and said, “Julia was talking about you this morning. Once she realized it was Wednesday she said she couldn’t wait to see what Sarah was going to do for Wacky Wednesday.” I bent down so Julia could see my hat at her own eye level, and I gave her a high five. I was so touched that Julia had noticed my Wednesday creations and looked forward to them. I hope I don’t run out of wackiness and disappoint people. (What am I talking about? There is no limit to wacky possibilities. There is no chance of running out of ideas. I think I could do this for years!)

As you know, summer is coming. I have wacky costumes planned for the remaining Wednesdays in the school year but I’ve considered taking a few Wednesdays off this summer, while the kids aren’t in school. But there seems to be a small following of WW fans at my gym, too, so I may not take the summer off from wackiness after all...

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on next Wednesday’s wacky fun. It’s coming along quite well and I’m excited about it. A hint, you ask? Never! I can’t ruin your surprise. Oh, all right. A small hint. It’s colorful. Oh, and of course, wacky!


  1. Your posts make my day! You are inspiring and courageous. Yes, wearing a nest on your head is very courageous!

  2. Thanks, Kimmy! You know, wearing a nest hat is pretty comfortable, interestingly enough. It's a great conversation starter, too. I'm glad to give the world a laugh...