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Friday, May 22, 2015

Ready? Set? Open!

For the last week the Gladiolus in our back yard has been hinting at a show. Well, she has decided that the time is right and now she has opened. It’s a show that’s even prettier than I expected.

The story starts months ago, when a friend from the community garden left me a few bulbs as a gesture of thanks after I shared some Canna lily bulbs with her. She told me what the bulbs were but I half-forgot, which was actually a good thing because then I got to enjoy a surprise once they grew. What’s especially fun is that my friend doesn’t know how obsessed I am with bright pink and she happened to give me a Gladiolus that blooms in white and dark pink. Yipppeeee!

When the gladiolus flowers start to peek out of its green sepal jacket, their ruffled edges look like a closed parasol. And when they’re ready to bloom the parasol opens up to a beautiful pink blossom. Excellent timing, Gladiolus. You knew San Diego would be getting rain today and your cheerful umbrellas are have opened right on time.


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