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Friday, May 8, 2015

Check out my ‘Chokes

So I’ve been chattering about my artichoke plant lately. This was my first artichoke plant and it has amazing timing. It had lots of artichokes on display last Saturday during the garden tour. I think I had beginner’s luck because supposedly they aren’t even supposed to put forth artichokes until the plant has settled into its dirt home for a year or two. Mine must be a Super ‘Choke, because it is producing. All I did was water it. There are 19 artichokes on my plant—some still quite small but growing. The center one I’m going to leave to flower. It’s as big as a cantaloupe right now. Just sayin’.

This morning I cut three of the larger ones off the plant and hopefully I’ll turn them into artichoke fabulousness this weekend. ‘Til then, though, I may turn them into jewelry. I’ve been working out my earlobes at the gym lately. They can each bench press 185, so hanging artichokes from them won’t be a problem. I think artichoke earrings could be the hot accessory this spring…

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