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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wacky Wednesday #4: Fun for the Head and Ears

In all honesty, I wasn’t planning a Wacky Wednesday for today. It usually takes a week or two of preparation to develop something for WW. I just survived a super busy weekend so I was going to let today be Boring, Old Wednesday.

But the universe wasn’t having it. Apparently I’m supposed to bring fun to most--if not all--Wednesdays. Last night I felt inspired to throw together a design idea I’d been mulling over for a while. I had all my supplies on hand, which helps when you decide to do last-minute wackiness.
If today’s wackiness had to have a name, I guess I’d call it “Princess Lea meets Wind Turbines and Pom Poms.” It’s a mouthful, yes.
The embodiment of wackiness? It could be me, yes...
What’s really fun about today’s WW is that there is enough of a breeze to spin my pinwheels, which is so much more fun than pinwheels that are still. And you can’t plan the weather, so I guess the universe really did want me to share the wackiness today.
Recently I discovered that I did not come up with the delightful name “Wacky Wednesday.” There is a book by that title, but it isn’t one I’ve read yet. Clearly I should. It sounds super! I must have seen the book at my daughter’s school and my brain filed it away and then regurgitated it as its own invention. So I want to give props to the author who dreamed up that title, Theo LeSieg. (A pen name for Dr. Seuss—whose last name, Geisel, indeed would be LeSieg, spelled backwards. Oh, that rascally Dr. Seuss. He used his imagination in so many different directions and ways…) I will happily borrow that name on certain Wednesdays.
This is only my second time posting video on my blog but I wanted to show that the pinwheels are turning. I’m no techie, so if the sound (me saying, “WheeeeEEEE!”) doesn’t come through, just pretend it’s a silent movie from the original days of cinema.

Well, my pinwheels and I are off to spin in the breeze. Hope your Wednesday is wacky in all the right ways…!


  1. Sarah, I'm having a stressful day, and you just made me laugh so hard. Thank you for being so awesoooome!!

  2. Oh, yay--so glad the laugh helped. Very therapeutic. Thanks for letting me know.