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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Open Season

This gorgeous coral-colored epihyllum gave me a delightful surprise just now when I was outside and caught sight of a huge explosion of color where yesterday there was a closed blossom.

Isn’t it amazing? It’s the first time this plant has bloomed so I’m extra giddy. I didn’t even remember which color the bloom would be, as I bought this plant a couple of years ago and it takes that long for it to produce its first bloom. (See, my forgetfulness is an asset when you consider how much I like surprises.)

I didn’t have as many epi blooms this spring. Last year I had at least a dozen and this year I think I’m getting three, so I really appreciate this bloom. They only stay open and fresh for a short time (literally a day or two) so you have to enjoy the show while it’s happening. With that said, I’ll sign off to go gaze at my epi a little more…


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